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More Bang For Your Buck!

relieving the headaches caused by “a stack of bills.”


We started JB WAGG Inc.’s daily money management services, with a vision towards helping others, by relieving the headaches caused by “a stack of bills.” Our experience started in 2013, helping our aging parents and other infirm family members, pay their recurring monthly expenses (rent, utilities, credit cards, etc.). As time went on (and with power of attorney agreements in place), we also managed their banking, investment and insurance needs, and provided records to their accountants for income tax filings.

At JB WAGG Inc., we put our years of experience and professional degrees (UCLA MBA - 1997) to work for you. We offer a full range of services, from simply paying your bills, to a more detailed analysis of what you spend every month, with the goal of finding ways to save you money (more bang for your buck!).

Our parents lived through The Great Depression, so saving money was essential to their survival! Later, when they started families of their own, their kids learned that same “saving” mindset. It was just how we did things growing up. Now, we wish to pass on that wisdom to you!

And, we are members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM), which assures you that we have passed a rigorous background check, and can be trusted to manage your daily financial needs.


JB Wagg Inc. saved me over $1,200 per year on car insurance! I had a feeling I was paying too much, so I hired Robert to do some comparison shopping for me. Not only did he save me significant money, he took the mystery out of the different coverages, giving me the peace of mind that I have the insurance I need! - Carol G., Redlands.