5 Ways to Save on Utilities


Supporting conservation is definitely in fashion, especially when it comes to endangered species and the environment. But conserving electricity? Boring! Maybe, but who doesn’t like to save money? Here are some ideas for being a conservation hero, around your home, every day!

  1. Can you get rid of that old refrigerator? If you have a large family, or some other reason for a second fridge in the garage, then this is a necessary expense. But if your kids are grown and gone, do you really need that old machine, humming away and raising your electric bill? And in many cases, that old fridge, because it is an old fridge, uses a lot more electricity than today’s energy-efficient appliances.

  2. Close the door! The door going outside. Do you really want to heat (or cool) the whole outdoors? The oven door. Yes! Experts say that frequently opening the oven door will increase energy use (gas or electric) by as much as 15%! Use the oven light instead, to get a peek at whether or not the pizza is done. The freezer door. Even more than the refrigerator door, because of the temperature difference between the freezer and the room it’s in. Does it drive you crazy when a family member just stands there, gazing into an open freezer? Congratulations! You’re on your way to hero status!

  3. Shut the lights off! Another way to save as much as 15%, according to the experts, on your monthly electricity bill. And, it’s just plain smart! There is absolutely no reason to leave the lights on in an empty room! Smart switches will turn them on automatically when someone walks in. Conventional switches will do the same thing, with a little human intervention….

  4. Easy on the accelerator! Ok, not exactly at home, but an important way to pay less at the pump. Instead of “punching it”, the American Automobile Association (AAA) tells us to pretend that there’s an egg between our foot and the gas pedal. If you can master this, it could also help you save on brake pad replacement. How much? Experts say aggressive braking and accelerating costs between $50 and $100 per month!

  5. Manage your thermostat! You’ve heard it before - when it’s cold outside, lower the thermostat. When it’s hot outside, raise the thermostat. Much like the freezer story, the bigger the difference between the inside and outside temperature, the more it will cost you.

Richard AlexanderComment